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Montessori Leader needed in Mumbai (Bangalore)

Montessori Center Manager, Powai, Bombay
The Hiranandani Foundation of Bombay, has initiated the process of establishing Montessori in Bombay, dedicated to the Montessori philosophy and is strongly invested in creating a unique, student-centered learning environment for children.
Specifications : Around 12 years experience in managing a Montessori school. Including at least 10 years experience in locations such as UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore or Hong Kong.
Annual salary / CTC – Rs. 25 lacs pa (Indian rupees Protected content dollar = 64 Indian rupees)
The ideal candidate will be a Montessori-trained educational and administrative leader, dedicated to fostering a positive and collaborative school community with a passionate commitment to the authentic Montessori philosophy and methods. This leader will be an excellent communicator and a skilled decision-maker, possess strong business acumen, and will partner with Trustees, to create and implement a strategic plan and long-term vision for the school. We strive to inculcate holistic development of the child inspire children to be caring, socially responsible participants both in the community and in the larger world.
The Montessori School is a private institution for preschool and elementary children ages 2 to 6 years. The Montessori School has solid financial health and an authentic, comprehensive Montessori curriculum.
QUALIFICATIONS: • Dedication to the practice of the Montessori educational philosophy • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree • Montessori diploma • Independent school administration experience • Coursework in Early Childhood Education or Child Development • Demonstrated leadership qualities • Excellent communication skills •
POSITION SUMMARY: The Center Head of the Montessori will be responsible for establishing the Montessori from scratch, while ensuring that the school’s mission, vision and goals are effectively implemented. The Center Head will lead the school both internally and externally, and oversee day-to-day operations, working collaboratively with the Board of Directors, staff, students, families, and greater community.
ROLE DESCRIPTION: Leadership in establishing the Montessori• Provide oversight, monitor and evaluate quality implementation of Montessori pedagogy, curriculum, and programs • Cultivate effective relationships with all constituents of the school • Planning and Strategy for the Montessori• Protected content candidates may please mail your CVs to : Protected content / Protected content /
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