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Needed!! People who love to Ceroc (Bangalore)

Hi all you expats. I know that they are a few of you out there who know what I am talking about and itching to get out there to move to the grove. Thats right, CEROC!!!! hahahaha

I am heading down to Bangalore in April and was wondering how the social for Ceroc is down there. From what I can see it is kinda poor. Fear not, it takes just 1 to ask for a dance and 2 to get the grove following on the dance floor, and the rest shall follow.

I am looking for people with the drive to Ceroc. The place and music, leave it up to me. If you do have suggestion I would love to hear them. All you have to do is say yes and join on that night. It is as easy as that.

And for the curious who want to know what Ceroc is, you are most welcomed to come along and join in. It is very easy to pick up and can be danced to almost any type of music. I am not a teacher as I am new myself, but if we do have a few experienced lads and lasses out there, I am sure they wouldn't mind spending a few mins showing you the ropes.

Let me know

Thank you


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