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Thinking Bangalore

Hello friends,
New to the forum. My husband and I are planning to come and live in Bangalore for a year while we do some voluntary work. We have twin daughters who will be ten when we arrive. We are wondering about whether to home school them or to send them - at least part time - to a local school.
Part of the reason for coming to Bangalore is to give them an experience of India, so we dont to send them to an international school. On the other hand we dont want the school and its methods to be so alien as to freak them out. I would appreciate any thoughts on the viability of home schooling, private tutors and also an indication of the cost of fees for a reasonable school - as we wont be earning this is going to limit us.
Sorry for throwing such a huge questionout to you all I am at the very start of this process - best wishes, rosie Protected content

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