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who like to join us on Friday 21th ? (Bangalore)


Let's go to party :)
Dear friends,
we will go to Loveshack ( please search with google map the location ) for an awesome foam party On Friday 21th June.
There is also a fantastic percussionist that will play during the mix in European house music style ( famous all over the world ) .

So let's go to party :) .... Dedicated to those who love socializing, meeting new people, enjoying new experiences.
A time to spend time with Internation friends and go home or continue with the after party with a smile on your face. Then wait for the day after probably exhausted, without energy because you've used it all to dance. When all this arrive to the end, just go back to home and remember for the whole week, how awesome is coming together.

WELCOME to everybody :) ....

This is my personal opinion as ever :) .... And hope my best friend " the quality support " will leave this forum :) so if someone would like to dance can join me :) ......

PS . it's not business .... just enjoy the music :)

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