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Work permit without getting the $25,000 per year (Bangalore)

Hi everyone,

I have some questions regarding visa/work permit for India.

I understood that to get an employment visa as a foreigner, I need to get paid at least USD 25,000 per year. As most of you must know, it is rather difficult to get this kind of salary, especially if, like me, you have less than 10 years experience.

Would anyone know if there is a way to still get an employment visa without getting the USD 25,000 per year?

I've also heard about AIESEC, where foreigners can register as interns, and then apply for a business visa. Any thought on this organisation?

And apart from the AIESEC, is there any other organisation or way to get a business visa?

For info: I don't have any Indian origins, nor am I planning to get married to an Indian man (as yet ;) ).....

Thanks a lot for your help.

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