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Registration and Education in Bangalore

Are you thinking of starting a new life in Bangalore as an expat? The InterNations expatriate guide to living in Bangalore provides you with important information on the steps to take before relocating to Bangalore. We offer advice on daily life, residential areas, schooling, and more.
The inhabitants of Bangalore face one of the highest traffic densities in India.

Foreigners’ Registration Checklist

When visiting the Foreigners’ Regional Registration Office, make sure you have all the documents required for registration with you to avoid another visit. This being said, some expats recommend going to the FRRO twice: first, to get an up-to-date list of required documents; second, to obtain the registration certificate. Waiting times can be long, and the bureaucracy is sometimes frustrating.

Make an online appointment by filling out the required registration form. You will usually get three suggested days for your FRRO registration: choose one, print out several copies of your completed application form, and take them — as well as a print out of the appointment — with you on the day in question. You may have to show the confirmation to the officer on duty in order for them to handle your case. Also, don't forget to bring at least 100 INR in cash for registration fees.

The necessary standard documents include:

  • four recent passport-sized photographs
  • your passport and a copy of the pages with your photograph, visa, and entry stamp
  • proof of your residential address in India
  • a completed application form

Depending on your visa category, you may need to supply supporting paperwork. Please check the FRRO overview page for further information.

If you are in Bangalore on an employment visa, make sure to bring along these documents and several copies thereof, if possible:

  • a copy of your official letter of acceptance / appointment to your new job
  • a copy of your work contract
  • proof of your annual income
  • a letter of employment from the company to the FRRO
  • an official statement that no suitable Indian candidate was found for the job
  • a copy of the company’s certificate of incorporation
  • a letter of “undertaking” taking responsibility for you (including a copy of the signatory’s ID)
  • a financial guarantee from your employer
  • your tax papers (i.e. proof that you have applied for a PAN tax ID number)

A1 Level Hindi or Kannada Anyone?

While there are some good state schools in Bangalore, many of them suffer from a lack of funding, which affects the quality of their equipment and the teacher-student ratio. There are plenty of good private schools educating the offspring of Bangalore’s growing middle class, though. They usually offer a perfectly reasonable standard of teaching.

The first language of instruction in private schools tends to be English, but learning one of the local languages (mostly Hindi and/or Kannada, the official language of Karnataka) is usually compulsory in regular schools. Most expats in Bangalore thus send their older children to one of the several international schools in the city. Concerning preschools, many expat families simply take their children to one of the small local privately run preschools, which are scattered all around town.

International Schools Galore

Bangalore’s international schools are mostly situated in either the northern or eastern suburbs. In the east, the area near Whitefield - Sarjapur Road is particularly popular with expats as it houses the offices of many software companies. As a result, a number of international schools have opened up in the vicinity, for example, Greenwood High, Indus InternationalInventure Academy, etc.

International schools in the north of Bangalore include Mallya Aditi, Trio World School, and Vidyashilp Academy. Another cluster of international schools has developed in the south, near the technology hub Electronic City, for example Ebenezer International School or Sherwood High. The following schools are full members of the Council of International Schools association:

All three of them also offer the International Baccalaureate diploma. If you need further information on IB schools in Bangalore, please consult the official IBO website. Two more websites for expats looking for an international school in Bangalore are BangaloreSchools and the education section of

Most international schools provide a school bus pick-up service and other services tailored to the needs of expat children. However, tuition fees can be exorbitantly high, and it is not always easy to get a place in one of these schools, especially once the school year has started. Sometimes children have to sit through a test or attend a personal interview. Any documents and school reports testifying to your child’s academic level and achievement can speed up or facilitate the admission process.


We do our best to keep this article up to date. However, we cannot guarantee that the information provided is always current or complete. 

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