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Working in Bangalore

Are you planning on working in Bangalore? Here’s one of the many reasons to consider it: India’s Silicon Valley is an attractive workplace for tech-savvy expats. The InterNations Expat Guide to working in Bangalore offers information on the local economy, job market, taxes, and healthcare for expatriates.
Bangalore has a diverse workforce, including quite a few expats.

 At a Glance:

  • A large proportion of expats in Bangalore move to the city to work in the technology industry, joining Bangalore’s many science parks and big IT giants.

  • Income tax in India is taxed at a maximum of 30%, and your social security contributions will depend on how long your stay in Bangalore will be and where you are from.

  • Traffic in Bangalore is notoriously bad, due to infrastructure failing to keep up with the city’s growth, so be prepared for a stressful commute.


Numerous IT experts are currently working in Bangalore’s technology enterprises. While corporate giants such as Google, Dell, and Amazon take up a significant share of the sector, the city is home to most of the IT companies in India, such as Wipro and Infosys. Every week, new technology start-ups join the IT cluster in town, supported by various incubators and investors.

Small and medium enterprises in particular, however, are finding it increasingly difficult to get a foot in the door. Prices for office space are heavily influenced by big employers who continue to attract highly qualified people from an international background and are willing to pay a lot. While the development of the high-tech industry has turned the city into one of India’s fastest growing metropolises, it has not been entirely beneficial for the employment prospects of locals working in Bangalore.

Pay Cuts and Power Cuts

Bangalore isn’t called the Silicon Valley of India for nothing. Several venture capital companies from the original Silicon Valley in California have a local branch with staff working in Bangalore. Dozens of global companies also have their own research and development centers in the city, e.g. Bosch, Siemens Information Systems, SAP Lab India, Intel Development Center, Accenture, IBM, Cisco Systems, Oracle, etc.

Bangalore has become a popular start-up destination for companies due to the large numbers of highly skilled people working there for comparatively low wages. In fact, the cost of running a business and hiring staff in Bangalore is significantly lower than in the US or the EU. However, companies often face huge inconveniences due to an insufficient infrastructure which has failed to keep up with the city’s explosive growth. Power cuts, for example, can cause major problems for IT companies and their staff working in Bangalore, not to mention the daily traffic jams and congestion on the way to work.

The Expatriate Job Market in Bangalore

Although the Indian IT sector has been slowing down somewhat, it seems to be stagnating on a fairly high level. The IT industry still provides most of the jobs for expats working in Bangalore. Thousands of IT specialists, quite a few of them from abroad, are employed in Electronic City, a “Silicon Park” on the southeastern outskirts of town. However, many mid-level and lower-level positions in the big IT companies are filled by highly qualified, but low-salaried locals.

Expats working in Bangalore are usually recruited for upper management. However, this stronghold, too, is challenged by returning Indians, who bring local knowledge plus experience gained abroad to the job. While some expats are relocated by their companies on foreign assignments, you’ll find that lots look for a job with a company in Bangalore themselves.

Information technology is not the only big player on the job market for expats. With a considerable percentage of India’s biotechnology companies based in Bangalore, the city has built up a strong international presence in this field. The Bangalore Biotech Park in Electronic City is one of the most well-known institutions. Other popular occupations for expats are in banking and finance.

Aviation, aerospace technology, electronic engineering, and automotive manufacturing, as well as equipment and machinery, may also be of interest to foreign employees working in Bangalore. However, despite a brief stagnation in mechanical engineering and India’s electronics industry in the course of 2012, these sectors are growing across India, with the electronics industry even expected to reach 400 billion USD by 2022.


We do our best to keep this article up to date. However, we cannot guarantee that the information provided is always current or complete. 

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