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Advice please on great apartment blocks for kids (Bangkok)


Hi everyone,

I have been in Bkk since January and my family join me next week, however we have still not decided on an area or targeted any apartment blocks to try and live in.

We like around Sukhumvit soi Protected content , 49, 55 or 63. Not sure where people would recommend?

We have a 4 year old son who will probably go to Patanna, we did look at BangNa but didn't find anywhere we liked. Also little worried about options to eat out etc. although liked the fact looked more like communities.

We are social people so would hope to move somewhere with other younger families who want to socialize and do stuff. My wife has horses in the UK (she rides and teaches) so this will be a big change for her and I want to try and find somewhere that will help her settle in quicker by integrating and finding friends. We have seen a few equestrian centers so will likely still do some out here but much less than at the moment.

For budget happy to go to 100k Baht or more to find the right place.

Any suggestions or views most welcome and appreciated, realise several threads on this but they unfortunately didn't create a light bulb moment!!

Thanks again for those who reply.

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