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Anyone has done the Albatross membership renewal? (Bangkok)

I would like to ask the Albatross membership who renewed their 2nd, 3rd, on year of their Albatross membership. Do you get the 3 months free after making the renewal? (the Protected content plan) Do you get only 12 months or get 15 months?

Now I am confused with the system. I am sure that last year after my credit card was automatically deducted for the 2nd year Albatross membership in Nov.2014, my membership will be last until Feb.2015. (I have made a note because I plan to do the manual renewal year by year instead of letting my credit card automatically deducted every year. )
However, now it lasts only until last month. This means it's only for 12mths, not 15mths that I saw on my profile before. I have asked the support team and the reply is that "the special offer was for the first year only and not for the second year of the membership".

Anyone can confirm me about this? (it will be great if you have been the paid membership by yourself for a few years to answer my question).

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