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Apartments/Condos in Bkk (Bangkok)


I´ve learned that it´s not that very easy to find apartments or condos in Bkk when you have a lot of requirements. Me and my boyfriend have been looking now for over 3 weeks at Sukhumvit areas and we´ve found one that caught our attention but it does´nt have all the things that we´re looking for...
Why is it so difficult to find a good apartment with a large balcony or just with a normal size balcony, stove/oven, washing-machine or at least a coin-operated laudrette and maybe a pool and fitness-room... I mean, there should be a lot of places that provide these requirements.
We have been in contact with an agent and she gave us a couple of pictures of 2 apartments...but when I e-mailed her back that we would love to take a look at these...she never returned my e-mail...Then we searched on our own but sometimes it did´nt have a balcony, or no stove or no place to do laundry...
We have tried all the major internet-sites such as 9apartment, tee-pak, thaiapartment and ddproperty... Does anyone have another idea to find apartment/condo with these requirements?
We would like to move in this week and are willing to pay between Protected content and it´s preferable if it´s at Sukhumvit soi Protected content .

Thank you for all kinds of replies!
Best Regards

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