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Areas other than BKK (Bangkok)



I'm currently planning a "sabbatical" year and I'm thinking Thailand might be the place for it.

What I'm looking for is someplace less than mainstream but not too far off the beaten path. I'd like a large town or small city - preferably coastal - with some sort of nightlife (but not too much).

Essentially I'm looking to rent a house where I can live and put together a workshop and I expect I'll spend Protected content a week in said workshop. I'd prefer to avoid super touristy places as there is no point in paying the premium when I'll be working too much to enjoy it.

So what I'm looking for is a quiet place to live and work, but where relaxation and some form of socialization isn't overly arduous to obtain when I need to unwind or take a break.

I realize this is a BKK focused forum but any ideas or suggestions yall might have would be most helpful.


R Hileman

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