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Bangkok: 2 Live-in Nannies available end of June


We're supposed to move at the end of June, and we have 2 live-in helpers who will need work at the end of this month. They are happy to find employment separately. Both are Nepali Burmese with proper documentation (temporary passport and work permit). We pay each of them 10,000 per month.

They both clean, do laundry, cook, and child-minding. They have catered parties for me also, and do a brilliant job with that. I have sent them to Mrs Balbir's for cooking classes, so they are trained to cook Indian style food, and I also sent them both for a nannies first aid course run by Patana school.

You can talk with them directly: Jyoti ( Protected content ) or Rina ( Protected content ). My mobile number is Protected content , and my email is cmdunn Protected content, in case you have further questions.

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