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Big Bikes rental stores (Bangkok)

Hello everyone,

I am from the States and looking to rent a bike later this year in Bangkok. Have been doing some research and checked different posts and like to share briefly what I found out:

- ThaiBikesRental dot com was very responsive and I could feel those guys just love riding bikes themselves. It seems to be a new store with er6n, versys and 125cc scooters on offer. A bit cheaper than asia riding adventures, however do not offer any organized tours, only rentals. They do free pick up from your hotel at Khaosan or the city. Was the cheapest store for big bikes I could find in Bangkok so far.

- Asia Riding Adventure dot com is also very responsive, however their website might be a bit confusing. To find their rentals (not tours) check out the rental page. They rent for a minimum of 3 days and offer discounts for longer rentals. Their bikes are brand new.

- Bangkok Scooter Rental dot com is the cheapest rental for scooters that I found. Unfortunately they only post factory photos of scooters so I am not sure how new or old those scooters are, but worth to check it out (I didnt inquire further as I am looking for a big bike).

- Big Bike Rental Bangkok dot com is another rental store, however I find the prices really high compared to other stores. My friend actually rented a brand new CB Protected content from them and their bikes are new and nice, but so are the bikes from the first two stores at cheaper rates.

- Bangkok Bikes Rental dot com is finally another rental store that I found. Their rates are somewhat in the middle range, but they are located a bit outside of town. They seem to be in business for quite some time considering their many customer photos on the website. I have come across several negative reviews from past customers and some rather weird / angry replies from the supposedly owner for that rental store, so Im not sure what to make of it.

I will probably rent from Thaibikesrental or Asiaridingadventure and keep BigBikeRental as an additional option.

Hope this helps anyone looking for bikes in the near future Smile (If you find additional store please post in here!!!)

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