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Buying Condos in Pattaya help? (Bangkok)

Hi anyone have much experience in this? I'm interested in investing in a condo within one of the offplan developments from Matrix Group in Pattaya. I've read a lot about Matrix and they have very successful history with timely completion and managing really nice luxury condos. The Amazon is one in developement scheduled for completion around Protected content they are almost sold out already. Only a few left at a low price. Just turning around and selling one at completion seems to turn a good profit, and better than money sitting in the bank doing nothing for me. I know these things get outdated pretty fast and then you can't sell them. But this is new and state of the art for right now and up to maybe 5/10 years away. Anyone with constructive advice on this with experience? Id appreciate any help on making a decision. I want to buy before the price goes up more. Thanks for any help!

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