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Cheap Car for Sale (Bangkok)


Calling all travellers/adventurers: If you are interested in a relatively different (but wholly underexposed) type of travel/camping then please take a second to consider taking this amazing machine off mine and my girlfriend's hands so we can continue our gap year travels!

Pictures: Protected content

We built the sleeping platform and velcro mosquito nets for all windows completely independently over 3 weeks and it has allowed us farangs to go where no farang has gone before. I still have the rear seats+seat belts which I can re-install if you would prefer to have the car without the platform.

We would like to leave Bangkok with as little baggage as possible, so the car comes with a tow line, jump leads, aux cable, power converter (cigarette lighter to 3-pin plug+usb) with extender to 6 sockets, mosquito nets, handheld hoover, distilled water, 5 litre flexible compressible water tank with tap, kettle and lastly spare carpet, wood, velcro and mosquito netting should there be any wear and tear.

The car in question is a Protected content Hilux Sport Rider SR5 Limited with a Toyota 5L engine. The 4-wheel drive is stunning - there have been too many occasions where I have stupidly become stuck in 2-wheel in everything from deep mud to light sand and whether I put it in low or high range 4-wheel, the car dug in and pulled itself straight out. Mountain tracks were problem-free because of the large ground clearance.

Please do seriously share this around if you know of anyone who would be interested as our visas are running out and it would be such a shame to sell this to a local dealer who would pull the platform straight out.

Thanks, Max and Jasmine

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