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DO you work in VOIP (Bangkok)

We are looking for a part time NOC Engineer

Job-Post: Executive-NOC Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

Manage & troubleshoot Network Elements.

Troubleshoot & optimize KPI/QoS related Issues occurring in voice traffic.

Network Elements:
NEXTone – Class-4 VoIP Switch SBC & MSC By Gen band
Cisco AS Protected content , AS Protected content AS Protected content gateways.
LDI Network layout of Cisco gateway installations.
PGW- (Peripheral Gateway) – SIP to SS7 conversion.

Essential Skills:

- Protected content experience in a technical support position based on telephony / VoIP Syste,s
- Knowledge or understanding of VoIP, IP telephony, network, switches, routers....
- Ability to understand IP, network connectivity
- Personable, enthusiastic and lively character

should you have Interest please contact on

Location not a problem

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phone number Protected content

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