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Driving though Thais Roads (Bangkok)

I have tried to contact both Oman and Dubai Visa and Consular Section Team with no response so far.

We would like to get everything sorted to be able to drive through Thailand roads to reach Bangkok port to ship our motorcycles and vehicle.

We are group of 8 Omani Citizens planning Silk Route Trip from Oman, We will be traveling by motorcycle and one vehicle as below:

Oman - Iran - Uzbekistan - Kazakhstan - Russia - Mongolia - China - Vietnam - Laos - Thailand, We will not be renting bikes, all paperwork requirements for crossing boarders we have ready in place (trip Ticket). The motorcycles and one vehicle will be shipped to Oman via Bangkok port.

We have all visas from other countries and paperwork.

kindly would anyone advise me on any additional requirements that we need to full-fill

I am not sure if it is allowed to drive through with our motorcycles and vehicle from Loa to Bangkok port.


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