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Having an adventure - any advice is good advice! (Bangkok)

First things first, my name is Anju. I am from India and have taught English in towns and villages across the South of India, in Tanzania and in France. I have taught a variety of age groups from preschool to adult and corporate English language learners. However, my passport being what it is, it makes it extremely difficult for me to find a TEFL opportunity unless I know someone who knows someone. I am, by profession, a copy and a content writer. My boyfriend, who is a citizen of the UK, is keen on teaching English. I don't see any troubles here.

Considering we have both been in a long distance relationship for a while, we wanted to make sure we get a job where we can be closer together. Having heard about how amazingly helpful you are, I thought I would write to you and seek your advice on what to do,how to apply and what my options are as a non-native.


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