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How is your electric bill since the rates rise? (Bangkok)


I only have a moderate 2 bed apartment and my bill went up about 10% or so i guess. Anyway, i know many who have seriously large bills and are always looking for a way to get them down. Now i have found one.

As used & endorsed by KFC and Stabucks and soon also a large resort chain here in Thailand, so anyone thinking it is just another gadget or device that will fail, think again. Remember, some things in life do work and are of use, this is without doubt one of them.

The actual savings is perhaps not easy to quantify and the devices we are speaking of here are for Air-Con and Fridge Freezers only, but in the case of both the reduction of actual energy used is on average about 22%.

In the case of your home electric bill i suspect the air-con would be at least 40% of your bill, so you would stand to save 22% of 40%. Example: Bill is 3,000 Baht, air-con thus is Protected content , so the saving is Protected content a month. Not a huge sum of money, hence so far it has been targeted at the likes of KFC, StarBucks and resort chains. It is also warranted in bars, restaurants, shops, schools, offices and so on.

The cost for the device to plug into your air or fridge is just 6,995 Baht, so not some outlandish price none of us would pay. So anyone out there with high bills, or business premises with even higher bills, this could be just what you need to improve your P&L sheets.

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