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Information session on health insurance and life i (Bangkok)

Do you enjoy excellent (and cheap) breakfast, and do you want to know what can be the best health insurance plan, and the best retirement plan for you?

If so, you can attend this next information meeting. As an expat, you may know how seriously you should take your health in case of any kind of incident, how to secure your retirement, how to protect yourself and your family if you are sick, get disabled, or even… Die!

It is complex, and we all search to optimize our investments. Those who come from a Welfare State would like to understand how it works, and all of us just want to answer this question: “how to get the most security for the best price?” We want to be well covered in case of disease, but we also want to pay the right price. And since the financial crisis, we are all looking for securing our assets: we don't want to lose our retirement plan, and have to pack groceries at Wallmart until 99 years old!

It is this knowledge that we are offering you during this breakfast: Our two speakers have been specialized on those matters for years, and are offering their advises. You may have questions which you would like to have answers to, so it is now or never!

Colin Campbell is the executive Director of Prism International. He has worked and held managing positions in banks and insurance com-panies, and has got qualifi-cations in Canada, United Kingdom and Hong-Kong. He now offers investments through platforms and as-set managers, thereby pro-vides lower cost invest-ments with higher return and no exit penalties.

Eric Agulhon is the founder of Expat by Expat. He has been an insurance professional for 15 years for top international insurer in Europe and Asia. He decided to specialize in health insurance to assist and advise expats from all over the world.

On that Saturday, our experts will be discussing those questions over the delicious breakfast of Bourbon Street Restaurant. What to have in mind when you invest in life or health products? What Benefit you can get? What are the differences between the local and international insurances? What are the benefits of dealing with companies, agents or brokers?

Meet the experts, and get answers to your worries, in a cozy and friendly atmosphere.

Reserve your seats on eventbrite by following this link: Protected content

8:30/9:00: welcoming and networking
9:00/9:30: Colin, our first speaker, will provide informations and advises about asset management.
9:30-9:45: little break to refill your plates with the wonderful breakfast
9:45/10:15: Eric, the second speaker, will deliver insights on health insurance coverage.
10:15/11:00: Questions and Answers and networking.

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