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irish adoption legislation (Bangkok)

I am an Irish lady teaching in Thailand and request fellow Irish peoples support as it could be you..instead it's me and I only found ot 10yrs ago at 47yrs of age:

ADOPTION LEGISLATION WILL BE UNDER REVIEW IN IRELAND AT THE END OF YEAR AND I NEED EVERYONES HELP... It is a public shame that the adopted people of Ireland, in particular the ‘illegally adopted’, have been ignored by legislation. Please sign this petition.
I am seeking everyone’s help as changes to adoption legislation are due to take place by October or at least by the end of the year. Maria Dumbell, also an‘illegal adoptee’and myself plan to go to Ireland to submit our online petition to Frances Fitzgerald – minister for far there are Protected content increase of OVER Protected content the campaign started !!! 16th June- but would like to increase it to at least 1, Protected content we are now over half way there.. This is a very important time for adoptees and an opportunity to raise awareness re our lack of identity and lack of essential medical information. The only way to achieve change is for adopted people, family and friends to protest, lobby and complain. Please, please look at Protected content
and sign the petition on the first only takes a minute and could help change legislation for the better for all of us. If it doesn't change anything we will just have to find another way, but it will at least raise awareness. For the coming months Maria and myself will be hassling/seeking support of all of you and other groups. .A BIG THANKS to everyone so far for a quick response. I will keep you updated with each increase. If it was to continue at a ratio of 10 per day that would be approx Protected content signatures over 3mths....not impossible with the number of friends that we all have on Facebook alone!!!!! We can all contribute in our own way. Please we need your help...
Many many thanks...Theresa Tinggal
Email: Protected content
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