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living and working in Bangkok

My husband and I now are going to move, work and live in Bangkok for the following years. He can speak English, German and Dutch and now is working as a account manager in a telecom company. While I can speak English and Chinese and am now working for a travel agency. He is Thai and Swiss, and I am Chinese. Unfortunately neither of us can speak Thai but we are eager to learn it and we believe we can speak Thai very soon once we are living there. At the moment, we are looking for a job as well as a place to live in.
As for the job, we want to do something related to the international market and related to the field what we are good at and familiar with. But we are both open to new challenges. And we want to find a job in an international center where are more opportunities for us or people newly come to Thailand. So if you happen to know if there is some kind of job we can do in Bangkok and also which district is better, like some companies you suggest or the job you advice to do. Or what is the best time and a way to find a job in Bangkok.
For a place we are planning to live should be convenient both for work and life. We know Bangkok is a big city which is divided into 24 districts. We are considering renting an apartment in Bangkok first but if there is a good opportunity we can buy an apartment. The house does not need to be in city center or too big, maybe only two sleeping rooms for a family to live in. But it should be close to the MRT or BTS. Some people suggest to live in Siam or Ratchathewi because they are more close to shopping malls or markets. The place should be at least safe and not too crowded or noisy. We also want to live in a place where is close to a supermarket, park, gym or entertainment. We are also considering if it is close to an international kindergarten or school which would be even great because we will have kids in the following one year or two years. If you happen to know some place that is perfect to live and work, will be much appreciated.

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