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Looking for Efficient Lawyer (Bangkok)

Protected content am looking for an indian origin lawyer or lawfirm in Thailand that can help me process my case for attaining Thai Citizenship.

I am married to a Thai lady for 15 years with 2 Thai Kids and now want to apply for Thai Citizenship.

I have checked with a few lawyers but all of them are saying very exorbitant rates.\\

My case is very straight forward but i would like to avail the services of a lawyer/lawfirm for the same.

The normal process in my case is as follows :-

1. Apply for 3 consecutive yearly extensions.
2. Be working legally and be paying taxes for 3 years.
3. Can apply for Thai Citizenship after 3 years.

Note:- It is 5 years in case i am not married to a thai and having thai kids

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