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Minburi? (Bangkok)

Hi Everyone

I am looking to relocate to Bangkok with spouse and 3 kids. There is a possible opportunity for a job in Minburi but I'm finding it difficult to find any information on the area.

My spouse will be non-working so am I am reticent to go to an area with few expats where they will feel isolated. My research so far leads me to believe that it is a bit too far out of town but all these reviews are from at least 2 years ago so I'm wondering if transport or the area may have changed?

We are moving to Thailand to embrace a new culture and have a better standard of living than we can afford in the UK so will want to enjoy all (well nearly all) that Bangkok has to offer e.g. restaurants, bars, museums, malls.

Would it be feasible to live nearer Downtown and commute out? I know how crazy Bangkok traffic is and don't want to spend my life sitting in a cab.

All advice would be truly welcome.

Thank you

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