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Mixx Club - Racist Policies (Bangkok)

Please see below an experience some people went through at Mixx Club.

Hey guys
Wanted to write about an experience that I had past Saturday night at MIXX Discotheque, Pratunam.
Now, as I read through the description on the page, it says that there should not be any heated discussion etc. This is not to create heat, only to express
and let people know what my friends and I faced at MIXX. Kindly note this is not to start a racist bashing or to hurt anyone's sentiments. Only wish to
narrate my story.
Saturday night 6th June, after pre-drinks at Octave, my husband and I along with some friends, who were here for the night, decided to go to MIXX. I must tell you here that my husband and I both work for an extremely reputed international organisation here in Bangkok. The friends who had accompanied us were flight crew from India's most leading airline (3 pilots and 4 fight stewardesses) who are regular visitors to Bangkok. So anyway, we hailed a taxi to get to MIXX (taxi driver warned us on the way that being Indian we won't be allowed entry into MIXX). But we didn't take his word because we'd already been to the place a couple of times before. So, we reached MIXX and were simply not allowed entry saying that it was a member's only club. (It was our fourth time going there, and we had never been asked for membership cards). So, my husband asked the manager if he could see the membership cards of the people entering, to which the manager said that he let people go in by seeing their face!! - First instance of discrimination.!
Later I went ahead and asked the manager why we weren't allowed to go in as each and every other person coming in was being let in by paying the entry charge (no Indian or brown person till now). He point blank refused, and asked us to leave. Here I must say that we were all dressed well. I mean I find it odd even explaining our attire!! We were not drunk, none of us. So the main two criteria to reject a person entry into a club were striked off!
Me being from Delhi, and both my husband and I being well travelled - earlier we were in New York for 2 years and he is an Australian citizen, having lived there for 9 years, felt so so harassed and humiliated!
The captain from the airline staff also holds a very senior post and was genuinely disturbed by what he saw. We were obviously all a little annoyed and rather taken-aback by this behavior and decided to call the cops to help resolve the matter. I made several calls to the police, explaining them are whereabouts, but they seemed extremely lost! I mean which cop doesn't know Intercontinental Pratunam and Mixx Discotheque! Basically they understood our location, but did not reach the spot for about 45 minutes or more. Imagine our agitation, that we actually waited that long for them to arrive). By that time it was getting pretty late in the night, and some of the girls wanted to leave as well. The cops did call us back and spoke randomly saying we are at Intercontinental and what color tshirt are you wearing etc..! We waited for them outside the club premises, where all the taxis wait but there was no sign of the police! In between all this the taxi driver who had got us here, was tagging along, and warned us many times that nothing will come out of this and the police will never turn up as its a big lobby of connections that runs the business every night at the clubs. Nor will we be allowed entry into the club, not that we wanted to go anymore!
So ofcourse we decided to give up, to avoid being further humiliated by the staff of MIXX and finally left the place. But, with very bitter memories and feeling like extreme targets of racial discrimination!
Uploading pictures of the extremely unscrupulous staff - the manager seemingly glad by his acts and another guy who seemed like his senior, trying to hide face!

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