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Moving from Bangkok to China - WHITE SWAN

Quite possibly the worst moving experience I have ever had. Frank Nelson is an absolute fraud, he had no idea what he was speaking about and basically came - packed my stuff and sent it to China without any knowledge of the local laws. My container was held in customs for nearly 3 months and to make matters worse, locked by the China customs authorities. White Swan has the slightest clue on any formal procedure. They also charged me double the amount from my original move (Korea to Thailand). There was hardly any communication after he received my money only to ridicule me and verbally attack me. I am a client!! Frank Nelson basically held my personal belongings hostage and sent them off without the approval from the Chinese logistics company. I would never recommend this joke of a business. Its sad - I should have gone with a reliable company such as Tiger Mobility which was actually recommended by the original logistics company that handled the move. In fact, the Korean company politely declined to handle my move to China since they knew it was a complicated process. Do yourself a favor and stay FAR AWAY from White Swan ! If there was a BBB in Thailand, I would make a report. The only thing I can do now is hope that I can get my shipment. I still have not received it, the Chinese logistics company is still having trouble receiving the proper paperwork from White Swan. When I asked them, how did you even get in contact with White Swan? They replied "They probably found us on the internet, they shipped without any approval from us." I really hope this nightmare is over soon and hope none of you ever encounter this problem!

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