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Need Your Help (Bangkok)

Hello,everyone. My name is Claire who is studying international business management in Assumption university, Bangkok.

Before I ask some help to you, I would like to apologize to make you disturb.
Actually, I need some of your help for my project.
One of my subject in the university, named International business research, we(students and our professor) are undertaking a research which is 'what factors determine the success of their firms'.
Through this research we want to investigate the relationships between some factors and the performance of a firm and find out whether the same success factor are consistent across nations.

Therefore, I want to find someone to help us by doing our questionnaire.
If you want the results, we will send you the result later on for sure.
Actually it is the big project for us so that we really need your help.

I would like to find at least 3 Thai managers and 3 Non-Thai managers (American, British, Canadian, Singaporean and Malaysian) who is knowledgeable of the company's customers and markets.

I hope many volunteers can help us.
Sorry to disturb you again and thank you for your attention to read this.
Thank you so much.

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