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Neighbourhood for expats with children (Bangkok)

Could somebody tell me what's a good neighbourhood to live for an expat family with a 1-year old son?
I'me about to sign an expat contract, but we're doubting about living in Bangkok with a 1-year old son. When I was in Bangkok for the job interview I had a hotel at Sukhumvit, I was told it's a good neighbourhood for expats. However it looked very crowded and noisy with hardly any playgrounds. We're wondering if there is another (better) area with more playgrounds for children, but also with good facilities like shops, public transport etc.
I'll be working at Samutprakan, so we would prefer a neighbourhood near that area.

I would like to hear if you have some suggestions.

Regards, Maarten

btw, the company is paying up to 100.000 thb for the housing.

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