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Playing Tourists - Ayutthaya anyone? (Bangkok)

Hello everyone!

So I've been in Bangkok for almost a year now, yet I've never been to Ayutthaya (or do other touristy stuff, for that matter). I arrived here right in the middle of the flood, and didn't get to play tourist while I was still new in town and now it looks like it's going to flood again. Anyone would like to join me and visit Ayutthaya while it's still dry? I usually travel solo, but would be nice to have a travel companion for a change. I'm thinking soon.. and it should be just a day trip.

But if we end up having a great time together, we could do more trips in the future as there are still so much more to see/do. I'm fun, adventurous, very laid back and easy going... Hopefully you are too! You can be a guy or a girl, doesn't matter as long as you're open to meeting new people and experiencing new places/adventures :)

Interested? It would be easier to communicate through email, and my email address is Protected content

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