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Professionals - die Fachleute, kein Singular (Bangkok)

Oliver Schulze-Spaether e.U.
Wirtschaftsmathematik urk. ESF Deutschland

British Isles 15.12.2011

Hello Internations Community,

With my TEFL diploma I have finished 5 gap years of working in GB. My current customer service experience, many jobnames to be mentioned, exceed 15 years of international experience. I did the TEFL diploma with merit marks because my teacher had decided that I would not feel well with doing an IELTS test at his school and so he considered the TEFL as more useful to me.

When I was a child I have assisted tearing the wall to the east down.
As a university student I actively introduced the Euro currency into Germany.

Living in GB more unexpected than ever intended I made ways for a european integration which when I started in Protected content London was more complicated than many can think it might have been.

Since 5 months I am applying on the Asian Pacific job market, with two interviews on the internet I could name a success:
- Singapore
- Philippines
but no confirmed employment so far, although sponsored jobs.

My relocation to Indonesia where I am going to do an IELTS Academic test is unnegotialbe though, the problem is more that I was not expecting to arrive on a tourist visa and spend my few savings on jobhunting there, maybe only with the same results as my current attempts from Wales GB.

Since 5 months now I am confronted with a kindergarden like argumentation on university degrees. I am so fed up of this argument. It makes me feel like a baby in my competence trying to purchase liqueur at the till.

Having worked in customer service over 15 years and thereof 5 years in GB where it is impossible to do a university degree for a Protected content Protected content university student, I must seriously wonder what the world has come to. I am not from the 60's, but I am also not 23 years of age anymore to be questioned if my decisions on the scheduled relocation are correct. I am doing it for my career, and that's the reason why I am relocating.

It would be a pleasure to be given a Thank you from someone for the input, effort and work done and the enthusiasm carried whereever I worked so far and not another neglect by the Asian Pacific employer with the only concern, university degree.

As a ISCED Level 5 expat with distiction, crafted on top of literate customer service skills, I will assume that there are jobs out there I have got all the capacity to do, after 15 years in the market.

This job enquiery for Asia Pacific comes with no relocation package request, it is not to difficult to manage an arrival in Asia Pacific in spring Protected content as the employer would offer in his package.

I am looking forward so much and enthusiastic to work in your country, namely by arriving there in and on time and entering the country on an employment agreement regards employment visa and a scheduled starting day of the job. Any considerate job offers are welcome, I will chase the visa regulations up myself if needed to.

Not intending to repeat myself here, it's more serious than checking on children if they have got their university degrees together, to my mind; and I am from the 80 to 90s generation not even a real old fashioned self-made man.

Do please do me a favour and check your company requirement and contact me just like if I was living next door since several months or years, regards any employment opportunities.

It cannot be that complicated, and I am telling that to myself too, to get one job in Asia Pacific for spring Protected content I am recieving two joboffers per week since november in GB, all permanent and many of then bilingual. I have been trying since 5 months now, as a native German, from GB.

As far as my experience goes, one does not have to be born into a position to be employed in Asia Pacific, but I see it comming, in Germany and GB too, would you please recognise.

Thanks for your interest and I am looking forward to reading from you and communicating, any job offers, cooperations, just anything recognized would be such a nice gesture from your side of the same interest.

Please do not hesitate with your offers, I am within a relocation as career management and interested in a job in Asia Pacific first of all, may it be longlasting. I will mail you my curriculae vitae or other information upon your contact.

Looking forward at the most to interact with you. And do please not text any of that:

TEFL Schools Asia
For many placements you require a university degree, the placements we offer that don’t require a university degree are: Czech Republic and Ecuador.

Ian Harrop, Australian Visas GB
As you don't have a degree, the only option for a work visa is by an employer sponsoring you. It's a bit more than just finding a job, they have to do a sponsorship for you.

I am more looking forward to recieving a YES, you are welcome, that's be a nice christmas present.

Carpe Diem and Tara Tara from the British Commonwealth
Oliver Schulze-Spaether e.U.

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