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School for three year old (Bangkok)


Hello everyone,

We have just moved to BKK with our daughter aged 2 and a half.
Before coming we researched a number of preschools and found that we really like the philosophy and environment of the ELC group. Our daughter has been attending the Purple Elephant now for about 3 weeks, and is due to start at the ELC City School in Sukhumvit in August.

As we have been meeting more expats and getting advice from people who have been here a while we are starting to hear that the city school may not be the best option as it tends to 'mollycoddle' children and it could make it hard for our daughter to re-enter the 'normal' schooling system when we return to the UK in a few years. (or wherever we go next).

We need to make a call reasonably quickly so if we are going to choose a different school we can request registration asap. (it could be tough for August at this late stage).

There is an international school within 5 minutes walk of our house called Mulberry - which comes highly recommended. Obviously having school so close would be a huge logistical advantage too! But do we sacrifice what seems to be a brilliant learning philosophy (of ELC) for the convenience of a quick walk?

If anyone has any thoughts on these two schools - preferably 1st hand experience I would love to hear from you.


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