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Securing a career with a quality institution (Bangkok)

My name is Darrell A. Guinn. I am a 15-year American expat to Japan. I graduated from university in the U.S. with a degree in Mass Communication (with honors) and have 15 years of experience teaching English as a second language here in Tokyo. Currently, I am a head teacher and I have renovated part of my home to serve as a private school as well.
Although I have a healthy income in Japan, this is not a retirement-friendly nation for expats. To avoid having to pick up and move upon retirement, I would rather choose where to relocate now and spend the next 25 years of my working life paying off a home loan. I have narrowed my two options to Manila and Bangkok. For the purpose of making an educated decision, I have traveled to and worked in both Bangkok and Manila.
Currently, I'm further into the job search in Manila than Bangkok. If the job search engines are any indication, it appears that Thai businesses post a lot of urgent listings for immediate positions. I am finishing the academic year in Japan and will be able to start teaching for the Protected content year in Thailand.
I have also read forum members posting that it is a mistake to look for a job in advance and that a job seeker can get hired by showing up in person.
Do headhunters exist in Bangkok? I am qualified for a work permit and, according to the Thai department of Immigration, acquiring a sponsorship for a work permit is preferable since getting one after arriving in Thailand will expire with the visa you entered with.
I'm just a little confused because the immigration policies and what I see from actual expats contradict each other. Can anyone shed a little light?

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