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SEO Starting Work (Bangkok)


I am sure that many of you like me have come across many SEO service addies over the years and found if you ever tried then, most were clueless. In fact SEO for a mid to large scale company website is pretty much a full time 50 hour a week job and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

However, there is another side to this coin. I have recently been doing SEO work for friends and friends of friends etc, who have newish website that have NEVER had any form of SEO work done to them. They have in fact got ...

No Page Titles
No Descriptions
No Keywords (not crucial alone but crucial as part of the team)
No controlling meta's for wnat of better word
No H Protected content
No correctly worded images
No appearance in any basic directory listing sites

I could go on, but i am sure/hope that most of you will get the picture. So, here i am, offering those dreaded SEO services, but as i say, with a twist on honesty and integrity, enough to say i am NOT aiming to rank you number one within 6 months as so many false prophets claim, but rather to get you ranked, period!

Indeed, so far the work i have done has been a huge success. What is more i offer to defer half my fees (yeah sorry, it is not free!) until AFTER we both see the results. Can i be more fair than that?

Let me know if you have a small personal site or small business site you would like worked on and what your aims are. I can provide references and show works if you need!

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