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Tackling Homesickness in Bangkok


Hi expats!

I was hoping for some advice from some of you more experienced travellers and expats on finding ways to settle into Bangkok. I'm new to your community and hope this is the right place to ask!

I've been here for nearly two months now, and intend to stay for the long haul (longish haul Protected content 24 months), working for a local women's charity. I am 25 and from the UK, and moved here on my own. My first couple of months in Bangkok have been exciting, frustrating and everything else, but I have enjoyed myself and have only recently been struck down by my first bout of homesickness. It's my first experience of living abroad and I was surprised at how powerful the feeling is. It's taken all my strength not to book myself back on the first flight to London... But I've committed to being here, and strongly believe it is a truly worthwhile thing for me to do both personally (in terms of living alone overseas) and professionally (as I am gaining the experience in an NGO in the area I'd like to build my career). So I'm currently strategising how to get myself over this sticky bit!

I was wondering if you could let me know what places you go to, either in the city or an overnight coach ride away, and things you do that help you to find your feet and feel a bit more 'at home'. All suggestions welcome. Whether it is just a nice coffee shop or a yoga holiday down on the islands (please!) - I would be really grateful for any suggestions anyone has!!

Thank you,


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