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two months in bangkok (Bangkok)

Hallo Everyone,

I am going to Bangkok in early December for about two months, mainly for escaping the winter around Shanghai, and have a couple of questions that I really would like to hear your advice.
1) I just back from Germany after one year study and look for new career chance with both Singapore and Bangkok under my high consideration. How big the chance would be for a Chinese finding a proper job in Bangkok? (my profile: and I am interested in PR or consulting company with automotive projects)
2) anyone knows good library in Bangkok with wifi? as i will live rather than travel in bangkok for the time period, I am looking for a quiet place for study and work.
3) and also need recommendation for yoga course and thai boxing training club in bangkok. Hope not too expensive, and also not too advanced. i attend yoga from time to time and no experience in thai boxing (only had some british boxing training)
4) massage course would also be interested. i only know about one place in bangkok to learn thai massage which is pretty expensive. but if anyone knows good place to go please drop me a line and i will be highly appreciated.

at the moment, it's pretty much like these considerations. And anyone here speaks German and fancy a language exchange, you are more than welcome to contact me.. Sorry I don't speak Thai but i would be happy to offer Mandarin...

Thanks for taking your time reading these:)

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