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Upcoming 9-Day Meditation Retreat Just Outside BKK (Bangkok)

I know several people on this forum expressed an interest in meditation. Here's a link to an upcoming English-language retreat at an ashram just a couple hours outside Bangkok.

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A 9 day silent retreat from Friday Nov 16 to 25th (Friday PM to Sunday PM) at a nice location 40 minutes from Bangkok with Bhante Homagama Kondanña.

Bhante gave a teaching in Bangkok in September to the International Lay Sangha. ( Protected content )

He is a forest monk in the tradition of Ajahn Chaa and was born in Sri Lanka in Protected content . He ordained in Protected content a barge at high tide on the River Thames (ordination on water is an alternative when a properly bounded location is not available). Ajahn Dr Saddha Tissa (Head of the UK sangha) was preceptor and Ajahn Sumedho was achariya. Thereafter he spent about a year and a half at the Hampstead Vihara and was part of the pioneer group that did the huge rennovation and reconstruction to begin the temple at Chithurst from Protected content . In Protected content was sent to be with Luang Por Chaa in Ubon.

He lives in Sri Lanka, traveling abroad to teach about Protected content a year. He has traveled widely to North and South America, Europe and Asia where he has led retreats for the last 30 years.

Having such an approachable and experienced teacher is a wonderful opportunity to deepen our practice.

Pictures of Bhante and the venue are here: Protected content

For registration and other details see: Protected content

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