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What is my Small Home based Biz worth? (Bangkok)


Greetings all.

A question of theory for you all who are familiar with business values here in Bangkok. I was recently approached by a lady in Thailand who was interested in buying from me my website, client list, listings contacts and contracts, social media pages, in fact all aspects i have that make my small homed based real estate business tick. All i could tell her was that so far as i know, most broker firms tell us that a business is worth about Protected content its annual profits. I myself have always felt this perhaps is OK at 2 times but too high at 3 times, i myself would not give some one 3 x net income to buy the business.

Then i was told by one broker that in reality my brokerage/agency had a lower worth than normal other categories of business due to the fact that the core income comes from the fact that i am good at what i do, not from the fact that it naturally makes money. I thought that an odd thing to say at first, but i can sort of see his point. That said i would have thought anyone looking to take it over would also be good at this line of work.

So what is it worth? 2 x income or less perhaps?

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