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What is the Polar World Chaingmai Zoo project for? (Bangkok)

Chaingmai zoo will spend over Protected content b. Protected content . b.for the building/ 30 Mil b.for the air-conditioning system -Our taxes money) on Polar World Chiangmai Zoo project. Now the construction is 30% in progess but being suspended due to the big contraversy.

The completely ridiculous and unacceptable project of Chaingmai Zoo should be stop. Polar bears live in the sub-zero temperatures of the Arctic all year long and, therefore, life in the tropical climate of Thailand would be brutal.

Moreover, there're Protected content bears in Thai Safari world, Bangkok and most people don't pay attention to them more than other animals.
Why does the Chaingmai zoo director believe people will go to Chaingmai to see Polar bears ?

There're many urgent & important projects in Thailand to study our rare animals or help people with lacking of money and support.
Many countries with hefty budgets have failed to keep polar bears in healthy conditions, physically or mentally, within their fences.Tropical facilities are totally unsuitable for them.

Please make your voice heard and help stop this project :
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