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Wish I can say I'm new in Bangkok! :p


So I'm not exactly new in this city, moved here in October last year so I've been in Bangkok for almost a year now. Yet I still find it hard to meet people here, apart from colleagues (I'm so lucky to be in a such an international office) and their friends of course but very few other decent people that I can consider friends.

I probably should have joined IN earlier, but hey, better late than never. So, I'll be attending my first IN event at Nadimos on the 27th and hopefully meet some interesting people there. Do say hi if you see me there, I'll be attending on my own so would be nice to connect with some people through here first :)

Also, I'd really appreciate some tips on where to meet other decent expats in town because honestly after almost a year I feel like I'm at a loss... LOL believe me it is funny and baffling at the same time!

Thanks! :)


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