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Your favourite film? (Bangkok)

What's your favourite movie?
What's the best movie in the theatres right now?
What is worth watching?
What have you seen lately?

For instance...
I just saw the Tom Hanks film, "Captain Phillips.
Of course, he was great (some things in life, you can count on, hehe!).
The script was good, too. It explored the mutual respect between the two captains. And it was fascinating to weigh the options open to the Somalian villagers, whether they really needed to work as pirates, or could they have found another way to make a living..."We all have bosses"... Just how far are we willing to go for our bosses? How do we show leadership? And the US military, with their overwhelming military might - it sure took a long time to finish the operation - it seems they almost failed. At one point, we saw four skinny Somalian pirates facing off against huge ships with navy seals swooping in from the sky.

Good film for discussion.

But I found the scenes long and drawn out.
And I got such bad motion sickness from the shaky cam. After a few minutes, I already got the point; did they have to keep on shaking that camera for the rest of the film?

Ok, your turn... tell us about your films...
What did you like or not like, and what did they make you think about?

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