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Quality Accommodation (Banjul)

Everywhere in the world there are people who think a little knowledge of how to upload information to the web entitles them to a huge premium for doing a little work. No are suffers from this more than accommodation.

Surely there is decent accommodation available in The Gambia which provides the usual European comforts and reflects real Gambian costs. A two bedroom apartment of Protected content in Edinburgh will cost between £140k and £200k to buy. Monthly rental runs between £500 and £800. A similar size apartment in The Gambia which can be bought for £40k - £100k (not that the latter is necessarily a sensible price) cannot, therefore be worth $ Protected content per month in rental. Neither can a typical "luxury" Gambian apartment with 19" CRT tv and a two burner gas table top stove be worth £ Protected content month.

Call me demanding if you will but I want two bedrooms, a large living area, satellite TV , a comfortable bed and i don't want to pay more than £300 per month; where do I look? It would be useful to know which are the areas with secure water and electricity supplies; where one goes to avoid noise; which agents are honest; who is offering quality at a sensible price?

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