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Stability (Banjul)

The president has been in power now for longer than the chap he deposed. That alone, I suppose makes his system the norm in The Gambia. I offer no view on whether the system is fair or meets any particular measures of democracy because both are European concepts and do not necessarily apply to Africa.

Provided one knows the rules - that is what is acceptable to those currently in power - then one knows whether it is possible to live in a particular place. I'm not at all sure I like the rules in the UK and I certainly don't like the rules as perceived by neighbours in certain areas of my home town. Will I like the rules in The Gambia?

I hear the president is urging a return to agriculture - he's in tune with current thinking in Spain where landowners who have lost their jobs are suddenly discovering a renewed interest in the family olive groves and abandoned smallholdings. Elsewhere i read he throws druggies in jail - very civilized compared to S. E. Asia. OK, the opposition claim there is torture and abuse of human rights and he has disposed of a few people who don't like his methods but then isn't that a little like that American holiday camp on Cuba?

The big question is - will there be another coup? I seem to remember the last one didn't even disturb the holiday-makers in Bakau and Fajara; if a new man sees off the current head honcho will it really make any difference to the ex-pat community?

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