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answer to Nicolai Sune (Barcelona)


Dear Nicola
Sorry but I can not answer you
I have reached the limit of my messages per month

1. In terms of housing/price/quality:
you are managing a correct budget ( Protected content ) you can find houses with all included
In fact we do have 2 bedroom houses with a balcony facing the harbour and a step from the beach for that price (all included, maintenance, one cleaning per week, wifi...)

Good area: depens what are you looking for.
There are buildings right in the middle of touristy areas, that at the end you will get tired.
Or others like ours, very closed to the most important spots, bur on open and wide streets.
Regarding the garage, if you whant that, you have to go to the neooghborhhoods more outside, like a 20 minutes by subway from plaza catalunya (neuralgic center of the city)
Downtown you will have to pay the garage separated from the rent, in another building. (there are options) parking in the street is almost impossible
Barcelona has a great public transport system

2. Someone warned be about the level of crime in Barcelona which actually worries me a bit
there are lots of picpocketers waiting for distracted people
on the subway, the bus, the beach, the terraces of the bars...
No physical harm
but enoying
have to pay attention all the time

3. Other people warned me about the number of tourists in Barcelona
it is a touristy city
but depends were you go, you can hang out with locals
but some areas (ramblas, paseo de gracia...) are mainly for tourists
the good news, there are lots of locals also
and repat people living here

4. Tax issues:
you can call Protected content
they will provide you all the information regarding taxes

hoppe this helps you

I would like to invite you to visit our apartments
or our web and facebook
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Protected content

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