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Anyone had contact with an Australian Conartist/Fr (Barcelona)

Anyone had contact with an Australian convicted criminal by the name of Goran Markovic? He is about 56 years old with short grey hair, blue eyes, about 6 feet tall, very thin with gaunt angular face. He is Serbian born but an Australian citizen. He is fluent in English, Serbian, and speaks some German. He approaches his victim with the story he has had his documents and passport stolen and asks to borrow money. He then may tell you he is a helicopter pilot, works for the Australian Government as a spy, and has been an Interpol Investigator. He has a partner, Nicola Penny and a 4 year old daughter. The partner lives in Hounslow, UK and is part of the scam. His more elaborate scam involves pretending to be a spy and and by abusing and threatening his victim to cooperate, he has them living in fear and a continual state of confusion in order to control the person. This spy scam was done to me last year in Europe. His minor scams are to sell fake visas and Qantas tickets. These scams are done so he and his partner and daughter can take expensive holidays using the victim's credit cards and money. He will target anyone but likes to steal and scam from expats in Europe. He has been in Europe for many years stealing from people and there is a long list of victims. Anyone with information, please contact me. He is wanted by the international authorities.

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