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Arraigo Familiar (Barcelona)

Hello Everyone,

I'm looking for information on how to obtain my residency, N.I.E, working papers etc. I was living in Malaga for three years before moving here to Barcelona where I've lived almost a year. I have all the documents to prove this as well. I was married this past December in Aruba to a Spanish citizen. Little did my wife and I know that getting married outside of Spain was going to work against us. According to the Civil Registry office here in my town it's now going to take at least two years for our marriage to be recognized! WOW! Now you tell us! I didn't marry for papers but did expect that to help. We have two great kids which I would have also assumed might be of help in obtaining legal residency. I can honestly say that nothing has been easy and I'm constantly surprised by the bureaucracy and the difficulty I continue to have. I believe that my options are as follows... I can either hope to find a job which will sponsor me or maybe qualify for the Arraigo Familiar. If you have any information regarding the Arriago Familiar I would greatly appreciate it. I really need to start working and of course being a resident would be nice! Thanks for any help or words of encouragement that you can give me.

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