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Barcelona - Andorra daytrip / city hangout


I am Hyon. I currently live in NY, but I am visiting Barcelona to spend Christmas break. I also have plan to visit andorra. Is there any one who like to make day trip to Andorra?
I have tried to find tour company, however I did not like any(I do not want to spend my precious time in beautiful country in tour bus either. ). Since I am not local (first time visiting to Barcelona) and do not speak Spanish, driving there by myself is not an option for me.
I am not dangerous person at all and actually I am afraid of meeting new people. But I like to give myself a chance to expand network. I will be in downtown Barcelona for 3 days, between 21st-23rd and in other cities during rest of my vacation. Please let me know if you are interest in daytrip to Andorra. Or if you know any information about Andorra/Barcelona, that will also be great helps. Plus, lunch or dinner hangout also welcome.
Nice to meet you all!


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