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Expats in Barcelona...may be you want to start or keep practising TRIATHLON...and why not to join our new created BARCELONA DRAGONS TRIATHLON CLUB...where all expats will feel like home!

Send an e-mail if you are interested to : Protected content

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Welcome to the Barcelona Dragons Triathlon Club,

The Club is a member of the Catalan Federation of Triathlon from November 18th, Protected content , consisting of athletes of different levels, but with common values and objectives to develop a project to grow this popular sport in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain and the whole world.

As main values of the Club, as it follows:

1. No Stress.

2. Mens Sana in Corpore Sano.

3. Carpe Diem.

4. Friendship.

5. Development and Social Responsibility.

Overall, three initial concepts and descriptions:

1. Enter the Club is a voluntary act, as the first reason to do so must be the desire to be part of a project that will serve to unite, share and help.

2. We will be officially a triathlon club, but try all three disciplines and in fact any act or sporting event is proposed. We are from lovers of swimming and therefore to make long trips at sea to mountain lovers and trail running. Obviously most of us will have the triathlon as a link.

3. We offer a website that we have already activated; a blog site will be opened in a high percentage, but are only entitled to write the members of the Club. This blog site will focus about our activity and our press releases. Through it we share synergies to help us improve and relating. We have also created a space for members only, where we hold training plans and activate a forum to discuss among ourselves.

The main objectives of the Club, more specifically and directly for those of you who will register:

1. Group of friends involved individually and / or together in any activity related to the triathlon at all distances and / or any of the three sports of triathlon: swimming, cycling and running with the desire to excel and improve individual performance under Ironman’s philosophy.

2. Social solidarity and responsibility established as one of the first targets, working with several foundations and NGOs, for example, Caico Foundation, UNICEF and the International Alzheimer Foundation and reinvest in the Club or other social events all that money left over after covering the costs of the Club, acting as a non-profit entity.

3. International: We will welcome any triathlete expatriate living in Barcelona, increasingly international city. This club will be directly linked and twinned with Hong Kong and Australia Dragons, where we do trade in all aspects. Any expat will welcome the Club!

4. Dragons Kids: A project for the younger kids in the house start practicing triathlon-related activities, such as "Splash'n'Dash" from age 6.

5. No exclusivity: we are open to members of other clubs who want a second Club that complements more human and sporting values, but, for economic or competitive will engage the other.

Club membership process:

Minimum annual fee fixed of 30 Euros, which, 10 Euros for a charity project in particular has not yet decided, and we deliver a technical shirt with the logo of the Club, from January Protected content .

Besides becoming a member of the Club, you will receive a reduction of 10 Euros in the share of the Catalan Federation of Triathlon Protected content of 85 Euros).

To become a member can be made through the club website: Protected content entering ¨ paragraph Become a Member (Information Form) ¨, entering data into the form and making payment via credit card, or send an e-mail to the Club: Protected content with information on the form and by paying the annual fee by wire transfer to account number of the Club:
Barcelona Dragons Triathlon Club La Caixa: Protected content , indicating your name and surname, and, "Annual fee Barcelona Dragons Triathlon Club."

Kits and general comments:

We are designing a kit to compete, consisting of one or two pieces trisuit a kit for triathlon bike and a running shirt. As a reference, or mono triathlon trisuit worth about 80 or 85 Euros. Buying it is recommended but voluntary (not force people to buy it) and try to make a discount of 5%.

We did samples in three colors: green, red and yellow and will vote until the end of the year.

Among the club members will be people with experience in the Triathlon or any of its disciplines, and others with more theoretical knowledge.

The Club offers the option of having a personal trainer at reduced prices, discounts for club members.

We will have trade agreements with one or two stores related to the world of triathlon, which we will discount on the purchase of material.

Offer some clinical, to excel the technique of swimming, running or bike (safe swimming). We are gathering to offer more at 0 Euros cost for club members or with a very small share. Course training attendance will be voluntary.

Prepare events together. That is part of regular meetings that we do throughout the season look for two or three races where we will target the most members and prepare it together. Barcelona Marathon and 10K race that day, if made, will be the first one.

Sure we missed something and other issues that have not yet quite worked, in any case, it will be informed and reiterated that the main objective is to have a meeting place to make friends and improve through the respective expertise.

Xavi Garcia - President

Barcelona Forum