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BCN´s coolest nite VENT! this Sunday. STILL FREE!! (Barcelona)


Next VENT! is timed with one of the great moments of lowered inhibitions and global over-indulgence on the calendar and all in the name of a love of the Irish for big pints. Every year the church try to convince of the spiritual importance of the 'Feast of St Patrick' but really it is an unstoppable force of debauchery and much bad singing that propels the world to go in search of the magical and mystical phenomenon known as the CRAIC.
It is a story generator of mammoth proportions and we want to hear yours and while the Irish VENT!ers have been stars of the VENT! shows to date Irish Nationality like their soccer team is NOT a requirement. Look any Irish related stories would be very welcome.
Paddy's Day shenanigans is inescapable so dig into those memories or get poking those people you know are hiding one.
Drop a mail to Protected content and we will help coax them out.
March is also the month of the 'GG Comedy Event of the Year' when we host a man who is genuinely one of the world´s greatest political satirists here for 3 shows in Spain. It is an election year in the US and LEE CAMP is just a tad fired up.
It is a critically acclaimed brand new show and the Protected content in Fahrenheit will be the 1st in Europe to witness. He is destined for greatness, don´t miss the opportunity!
Steph will have a small number of discounted tickets available exclusively at VENT!
for just €17 that is if they are still available and there is no guarantee of that as people are taking no chances.
2 big shows and like all Giggling Guiri events don´t hear about it afterwards
Lá Féile Pádraig shona dhuit

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