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Business Coaching on the rise in Barcelona

Business coaching is on the rise in Barcelona. Business coaching is the second fastest growing industry in the world and the phenomenon is catching on in Barcelona. Why? Because it is getting results.

Some recent research reports give evidence to that fact.
1. A Manchester Consulting Group coaching study found that coaching resulted in a return of investment of almost six times the program cost.
2. A MetrixGlobal study of a Fortune Protected content company found that coaching resulted in a Protected content return on investment.
3. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company found that productivity among salespeople who had participated in an intensive coaching program rose by an average of 35 percent.

The business world is very fast passed and changing constantly. If you are not moving forwards you are moving backwards. You need a competitive edge and the speed to adapt to take advantage of industry opportunities. Working with a coach you don´t strive just to be in business but to be the best in business. With all the challenges we are faced with as small business owners in Barcelona it is no wonder that this type of coaching is growing.

So What is a Business Coach?
I think most will agree that Rafal Nadal would not have reached number one without some professional coaching along the way. A business coach is just like a sport´s coach. A sport´s coach pushes an athlete to achieve optimum performance, provides the framework for the athlete to execute their game-plan effectively, supports them when they are down, teaches them things they have not anticipated and gives them new successful strategies to push for greater success. They will make you run more laps than you feel like. They will tell it like it is but also listen. That is what is on offer nowadays in Barcelona for small business owners, the chance to have a coach work with them to unlock their business potential and focus on their game.

So How Does it Work?
After starting a business, small business owners soon realise they spend much of their time managing the business and needing expertise in areas they may not have had previous experience. Whether it is creating an effective marketing campaign, improving their sales script for better client conversion rates, managing the monthly expenses, maintaining high customer satisfaction, budgeting and projecting, leading employees, having a clear and implementable growth plan, having effective operating strategies, or time and money management, these are areas that some business owners find over-whelming and thus maybe being left behind.

A business coach is an expert in these business areas and they work directly with the owner to guide them and support them as they develop their business management and leadership skills and strategies. It is a very efficient way to receive proven and successful business strategies and techniques when you need them most. Outsourcing a business growth and finance expert is a popular way to continue building your business successfully.

The added benefit of coaching is that it empowers you, motivates and supports you so you never feel alone. You also personally develop your business skills while improving your profits which will help you for all the years to come. Coaching is a flexible relationship that is normally on a monthly contract where you meet your coach regularly in person and then always have them on-hand at the end of a phone.

How can you find out more information?
Green Bean Business Coaching is a coaching practice in Barcelona working with local and expat small business owners. They usually find that owners wishing to find out more appreciate a personal phone call or meeting as they can then talk specifically about their business, goals or challenges they wish to overcome and see if there is a fit. You can contact a Green Bean coach via their website at Protected content . Or you can read more by signing up to the free E-mini series on the website – The Road Map to business success

Green Bean understands the needs of its customers and knows how to deliver it in a simple-to-understand coaching format. With many years of experience in business and finance and having analysed 100s of diverse business models and helped invest over €2 billion in different companies, Green Bean brings an unparalleled wealth of experience and knowledge to the Barcelona small business owner.

The value of the coach is in the increase in your business acumen, increased profits or create a more sustainable work-life balance through their guidance, support and expertise. It is a win-win relationship as seen by the countless sporting achievements around the world.

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