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Buying an apartment in Barcelona...


Hi everyone. My name is Steve, and I currently live in Hull, England.
I have visited Barcelona the last 8 times I've been on holiday and absolutely fell in love with the place. I am going there again from the 3rd to the 31st of March to look at propertys for sale, and get a general feel of all the different areas.
I own an apartment here, which I own outright. No mortgage left to pay. I've had 3 valuations done, and they all come in around £80.000. I'm looking to sell, and buy an apartment, or studio flat, in the Born or Ravel area, or maybe somewhere a little further out if my plans are too ambitious. I don't mind doing work on an apartment in Barcelona, if it's a bit run down, but the most important thing I would like to have is a sunny balcony. Could anyone advise me if this is possible on a budget of around £ Protected content ? Because from the sale of my house, I would need around £10.000 spare, for solicitors fees, moving my furniture there, doing an intensive spanish course, and have a little left over to live on whilst I find a job.
Once I've learned spanish, I would like to work in hospitality, as I've worked in restaurants & coffee shops for the last 8 years. And 8 years previous to that, I was a painter & decorator, so that could be my second choice of work, if I can't find anything in hospitality.
Also, I know they speak Castilian and Catalan there, but from what I've read online, as long as I learn Spanish, I should be able to communicate there ok. Is this correct?
Any information, anyone can give me on the above thread, would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks, and greetings from the UK :)

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